Comprehensive APISentry Benefits

APISentry API Security provides advanced threat detection and mitigation, ensuring proactive defense against evolving cyber threats

Enhanced Security

Protect your APIs against emerging threats with our AI-driven WAF and real-time monitoring.

Performance Optimization

Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in your code, ensuring efficient API operation

Real-Time Visibility

Gain insights into your API traffic, vulnerabilities, and threats with customizable alerts and detailed logs


Consolidated platform for API security, reducing the need for multiple tools and streamlining your security operations

Our Approach To Security

  • Threat Detection

    Real-Time Monitoring: APISentry continuously monitors API traffic in real time, scrutinizing each request with advanced analytics to identify anomalous patterns and potential security threats.

    Behavioral Analysis: Leveraging behavioral analysis, our system establishes a baseline for normal API behavior, promptly flagging any deviations or suspicious activities indicative of a potential threat.

  • Threat Prevention

    AI-Powered Web Application Firewall (WAF) This proactive defense mechanism swiftly identifies and blocks malicious requests before they can impact services or compromise security.

    Automated Penetration Testing: Our platform conducts automated penetration tests, simulating potential attack scenarios to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of exploitation.

  • Threat Prediction

    Machine Learning Algorithms: APISentry utilizes machine learning algorithms to predict evolving security threats, analyzing historical data and trends to anticipate potential risks before they materialize.

    AI-Driven Anomaly Detection: Through continuous anomaly detection, our system dynamically adapts to emerging threats, enhancing its predictive capabilities and ensuring a proactive stance against evolving cybersecurity challenges.

Industrial Case Studies

APISentry is serving a lot of industries, helping business at all scale achieve maximum security against emerging cyber threats. Here are some of our recent industrial case studies.

Secure Banking with APISentry

A comprehensive case study highlighting how APISentry addressed security challenges for a leading commercial bank.

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Innovative Fintech Application

Case Study: Transforming Security for Innovative Fintech Application with APISentry.

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Blockchain Security

Case Study: Elevating Blockchain Security for Innovative Development Company with APISentry

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Comprehensive Protection of Your Digital Assets

  • API Management
  • WAF
  • VAPT
  • Monitoring
  • Code Review
  • SCA

Keep track of all your API endpoints and their respective status and vulnerabilities, right from APISentry’s API Overview page. No more missing or undocumented API routes that can be exploited by attackers.

Apisentry API Management offers comprehensive solutions, seamlessly integrating API security, discovery, monitoring, and inventory management

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APIsentry advanced computing utilizes artificial intelligence to provide real-time protection against evolving threats. Unlike traditional Web Application Firewall Solutions which have been accustomed to detecting particular kinds of attacks, APISentry AI-powered WAF provides more attack coverage and can detect even new, unique and uncommon cyber attacks on your API.

APIsentry analyzes API traffic, identifies malicious requests, and blocks them before they can impact your services or business. These technologies combine context-based analysis, behavioural analysis, anomaly analysis, and real-time analysis to detect threats.

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Regularly scan your APIs for vulnerabilities to identify and address potential security risks. APIsentry's vulnerability scan distinguishes itself through its exceptional AI-driven capabilities. This dynamic approach enhances its ability to uncover previously unknown vulnerabilities, making APIsentry an advanced and proactive choice for protecting your APIs.

APISentry’s automated penetration testing capabilities check for anomalies, irregularities, and patterns indicative of potential security issues on each of your API routes. This proactive approach ensures that potential security problems are identified and addressed swiftly, reducing the risk of security breaches.

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Get a dynamic view of your API traffic. APIsentry provides detailed logs of incoming requests, including source data, location, threat level, Identified Threats, Vulnerabilities Found, status codes, and more.

With real-time monitoring, you can deduce your API usage and performance, malicious IP addresses, and requests from bots, and stay ahead of potential threats. Control your API requests, using our advanced configurations and analytical capabilities.

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Our AI conducts in-depth analysis of your source code, identifying vulnerabilities and compliance issues. Issues are categorized by severity, and you receive recommendations to address them including sample recommended code snippets that your team can easily copy and paste, ensuring secure code practices.

Integrate with your existing issue trackers or quickly assign a vulnerability ticket to your team mates right on APIsentry. Our Collaborative Features and CI/CD Integrations promotes team discussion, quick issues resolution, issue status tracking, and automated code scanning.

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APIsentry monitors and alerts you about vulnerabilities, and threats discovered in your third-party integrations and dependencies. Detect vulnerabilities and potential risks in the components your applications rely on with APISentry’s Dependency Scan Feature.

Turn on Your Github Dependabot and Receive Your dependency alerts directly on APIsentry as well. With recommendation, references, and easy tracking.

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Unique Value Propositions: What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

In a landscape crowded with security solutions, APISentry distinguishes itself through several key advantages

AI-Based Analysis

APIsentry is the only solution that combines context-based analysis, behavioural analysis, anomaly analysis, and real-time analysis to detect threats.

Threat Prediction

By combining vulnerability evaluations, Apisentry's threat prediction mechanism gains a holistic understanding of the API landscape.

Unified Security Solution

Unlike fragmented security tools, APISentry is the only API security solution that offers a comprehensive and unified API security solution

Seamless Integrations

APISentry is designed to seamlessly integrate with various components of your digital ecosystem, and can also act as a SIEM



A Glimpse into APISentry's Impact on Businesses. Discover what businesses are saying about APISentry and how it has revolutionized their approach to API security

Key Features Available On APIsentry

  • AI-Driven WAF
  • API Monitoring
  • API Discovery and Inventory
  • API Performance Scan
  • Automated Pentesting
  • Source Code Review
  • Software Component Analysis
  • API Risk Analysis
  • API Compliance scan

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