APIsentry protects organizations from cyber threats targeting their APIs

APIsentry is a leading provider of comprehensive API security solutions, specializing in protecting organizations from a wide range of cyber threats targeting their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Our Mission

We harness the power of AI, advanced computing, and blockchain technology to safeguard digital infrastructures and transactions, with a mission to make security accessible, affordable, and adaptable across diverse industries.

Our Mission

To pioneer a digital realm where trust, security and innovation converge seamlessly. Building a world where even a store keeper connected to the internet can unleash their full potentials without fear of cyber attack..

Our Included Service

These services complement Apisentry's core product features, providing a comprehensive approach to API security for clients.



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WiredAssurance Group

Wired Assurance is a forward-thinking technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of cybersecurity and digital assurance.

Wired Assurance stands at the forefront of ensuring a secure, empowered, and inclusive digital future. Our Services Include:

  • Software Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Blockchain Testing
  • Threat Intelligence Services
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