AI/ML Based Threat Analysis

These technologies combine context-based analysis, behavioural analysis, anomaly analysis, and real-time analysis to detect threats.

Context Based Analysis

Deep examination of API activities throughout their lifecycle by understanding the contextual details surrounding API interactions, including the nature of requests, historical patterns, and the specific roles of APIs within the system.

Anomaly Based Analysis

Anomaly analysis involves the detection of unusual or irregular patterns in API activities. APIsentry uses statistical models and machine learning to identify deviations from normal behavior, which could indicate security risks and possible threats.

Behavioral Based Analysis

Behavioral analysis in APIsentry focuses on identifying patterns and trends in API activities. This involves studying the sequences of actions performed by APIs and users to recognize normal behavior and highlight deviations that may indicate potential threats.

Real Time Analysis

Real-time analysis in APIsentry involves the continuous monitoring and evaluation of API activities as they occur. This rapid assessment allows for immediate response to potential threats, reducing the time between detection and mitigation.

Top Security Solutions

APIsentry holistic approach fortifies your API ecosystem against evolving threats, enabling secure and reliable API operations.


APIsentry provides robust Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection to shield your API infrastructure from volumetric attacks. Through traffic monitoring and anomaly detection, we identify and mitigate DDoS threats, ensuring uninterrupted service availability.



Detect and mitigate threats originating from botnets with APIsentry's advanced botnet detection capabilities. By analyzing patterns in API requests, we identify and block malicious activities associated with botnet behavior, ensuring the integrity of your API ecosystem.


Sensitive Information

Safeguard your sensitive information with APIsentry's comprehensive security measures. Our solution employs encryption, secure transmission protocols, and access controls to prevent unauthorized access and protect confidential data from potential breaches.


API Misuse

API misuse checks in APIsentry go beyond conventional security measures. By employing heuristic analysis and behavior monitoring, we proactively identify and prevent misuse scenarios, ensuring that APIs are used for their intended purposes and minimizing the risk of exploitation.


IP Signature

API security is enhanced through IP signature analysis in APIsentry. By validating the authenticity of incoming requests based on recognized IP signatures, we thwart unauthorized access attempts and strengthen the overall defense against malicious actors.


Rate Limiting

Mitigate the risk of abuse or exploitation with APIsentry's rate limiting capabilities. By controlling the rate of incoming requests, we prevent scenarios like brute-force attacks and ensure that your API infrastructure remains resilient against potential overload attempts.


Industrial Security Standards

APIsentry comprehensively addresses various security risk frameworks, ensuring a robust defense against potential threats and vulnerabilities. Here are the key security risk frameworks covered by APIsentry

OWASP API Risk Rating Methodology


FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk)


NIST Cybersecurity Framework


ISO/IEC 27005




SANS Top 25


Threat Intelligence

Backed by Wired Assurance

Stay ahead of emerging threats with APIsentry's integrated threat intelligence. Our solution leverages up-to-date threat intelligence feeds to enhance threat detection and response capabilities.

  • Additional Layer of Security
  • Up-to-date Threat Advisories
  • Customizable Alerts on Wired Assurance
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Frequently Asked Questions

APISentry is a comprehensive API security platform that provides threat detection, prevention, and performance testing to safeguard your API-driven applications.

What security standards does APISentry comply with?

APISentry adheres to industry standards such as OWASP API Top 10 and other relevant security frameworks, ensuring robust security measures.

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